Wedding Disco

Unlike many suppliers, we pretty much just charge for our DJing time. the basic price includes everything we need to make your party sound and look a cut above the rest. We only use the very best professional equipment.

Silent discos make an awesome addition t
Silent Discos

The tricky things with weddings sometimes can be making sure everyone there has music they want to listen to all night long. Silent discos give you three channels of different bespoke music and are the most fun you can have at a wedding.

Full HD Video Recording and Time Lapse

A fully edited and personalised film of your evening. With a timelapse of all the nights best dance moves and a normal speed HD recording of the first dance. For you to keep forever.


Recorded Studio Mix

Sometimes it turns out that we just can't be at your wedding or event. Fear not!

We can record you a live studio mix encompassing all of the songs you want to hear, for you to play at your own party. How cool is that?! 

Room Uplighting

Even though we make sure your party looks amazing, sometimes you really just need that full WOW! factor.

Room uplighting lets us wash the walls and ceiling with whatever colour you like. We only use the best (and our uplighters are also waterproof and wireless).

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Recording of Your Entire Wedding Music 

Wouldn't it be great if you could listen back to the music you had at your wedding? Well, now you can. We can record the whole night's music (including all announcements) and let you cherish it forever.