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Hooray!  You've found yourself at our mix page.  Below you will find a fine variety of genres of music from the classic decades to reggae and hard dance.  New mixes are added all the time and are all mixed on my trusty Technics 1210s.

We cater for and love all types of music so if you can't find something you like below please give us a prod and we shall endeavour to create something for your enjoyment.  All of the mixes here can be used for free when hiring the silent disco option.  If you want something really special and bespoke put together for your special party we can certainly do that for you as well.

Nineties mix, dj mix, Paul Barrington

What an era... everything happened in the nineties.  Grunge, hiphop, rave, dance music, serious cheese and some goddam classics.

Sit back and hopefully enjoy this little trip down memory lane...

eighties dj, wedding spinner dj, Paul Barrington

Remember the 80s? Then you'd best get this strictly vinyl mix on your walkman. Classic eighties tunes to get a party or wedding pumping.

soul dj, disco dj, jazz dj

A blend of soulful lyrics, whomping basslines, and some disco and jazz notes. Generally a nice blend of toe tapping dance inducing flavours.

funk dj, reggae dj, jungle dj, dubstep dj

Christmas is a time to enjoy music and to be with friends and family. If you listen to the radio you normally end up with the same old Christmas tracks played over and over. Well, this is my spin on some of the classics. Cruising through funk, reggae, even some dubstep and jungle. Also some lesser played amazing festive tunes.

surf dj, punk dj, rock dj

For those that don't know me I've had a serious addiction for about 25 years.... it's surfing.
Surfing seriously helped shape my musical knowledge and there was nothing I enjoyed more than a good punk and rock thrash up to get in the mood to enjoy shredding the tops off a few waves.
So within this mix are the core foundries of my surfing upbringing. Many tracks featured in surf movies. Enjoy! * CONTAINS EXPLICIT LANGUAGE *

Trance dj, electronic dj

I thought it was time to drop a pumping psytrance mix in a tip of the hat back to the raving days of running on the spot for 8 hours.
All new tunes and slightly more driving and rolling than trance of old..
Pop on your white gloves and reach for the glowsticks... it's dancing time.

Paul Barrington

Time for a halloween mix with a bit of a difference.
I was a bit fed up with standard halloween mixes so tried to come up with a few different angles on this one.
As usual, all mixed on my trusty Technics 1210's.

bespoke mix, dj hire

When you really want the Wedding Spinner to be able to DJ your Wedding but he is already booked!!

Have no fear. We can record a bespoke mix for you so it was like we were actually there.

Enjoy this four hour wedding mix bespoke for a customer

house dj, the wedding spinner

A bespoke mix I did for the guys at This was something I would like to listen to after coming off the piste and kicking back with a nice Weiss beer.

jungle dj, drum and bass dj, Paul Barrington

The amount of times I have been asked for a bit of Drum and bass at a wedding reception doesn't bear thinking about. It can often be a great way to finish up the evening on a dancing high. Drum and bass and jungle were always one of my passions so it seems long overdue to include a mix of this genre in here.

reggae dj, dub dj, wedding dj, devon dj

There is no finer way to spend a relaxing summers afternoon than with a cold beer in one hand, some BBQ chicken in the other and some fine reggae music coming from the speakers.
Probably my overall favourite genre of music. Some classics and some not so well known tunes in this mix. From dub to roots.
Sit back, relax and enjoy the sweet, sweet riddims.

hip hop dj, funk dj, breaks dj, south west dj

Sometimes at a wedding you don't always want to have 80s and cheesy pop... just sometimes you want something else... something a little more dirty... maybe once the oldies have drunk their last single malt and the youngsters are left to blaze the dance floor it's time to drop these beats. 50 minutes of rhymes, beats and drops... with a bit of scratching thrown in. Enjoy.

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